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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Malaysia's Hottest Husbands - Female Magazine August Issue 2007

Female Magazine, August 2007 issue, nominated Malaysia's Hottest Husbands ; Christien New, Bernard Chandran, Resmonu, Steve Yap.

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Christien New

Sunday, July 1, 2007

NST Sunday People - Christien Lavin ..... We are a Brand

One Couple, One Brand by The New Straits Times Press

They're Malaysia's answer to Posh and Becks and justlike the popular celebrity couple, it seems their fame alsocomes with a price.
HE is a multi-talented producer, host, writer and the business brain behind their partnership. And just like footballer Beckham, Christien New, 36, with his exotic Indonesian and Hong Kong mix is also sinfully tasty.
His wife, a former beauty queen, is an accomplished actress of 12 years, not only in Malaysia but also in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

These days, Lavin Seow Yee Thin, 30, is busy co-hosting, producing and writing with her husband as well as playing mum to their toddler son, Gabriel. She is also seven months pregnant and looks glowingly beautiful.

Together they are the brand ChristienLavin, and just like the Beckhams they hope to have their own empire too - one day. Their similarities to the Beckhams don't end there. Just like David who was, at one time, beset by all manner of sordid accusations regarding his extra marital affairs, Christien is presently doing damage control for supposedly having an affair with model Amber Chia. And just like Victoria, Lavin is steadfastly standing by her man.

"My sixth sense tells me that nothing happened between my husband and Amber," says Lavin, "and I believe that. I haven't just known Christien for a short time. Believe me, I'll know when he's lying." Sighs Christien: "I don't want to seem perasan or anything but I guess there must something that Amber sees in me that she likes. But I wasn't expecting this." Admiration in his voice, he adds: "I have to salute my wife for the way she has handled it all. Most women would have jumped, believing in the stories but she didn't. Instead, she remained focused and has not once wavered from our vision for the family and our brand." Their vision for the brand, according to the vivacious hosts and drivers behind Celebrities' Secrets (ntv7, Fridays 6pm), a talk show based on the lifestyle, interests and current happenings of our local celebrities, is to have a wider reach than just the small screen. That's why they have ventured into the fashion line, fragrance, cosmetics, skincare and it seems, bigger plans are in the pipelines.

"Yeah, we are a bit like Posh and Becks I guess but unfortunately Christien doesn't play football!" giggles Lavin. He swiftly retorts: "Yeah, but I can play sepak takraw!" He adds: "The brand - of us together - was actually quite unintentional. But whenever one of us went out without the other, people would always ask for the other half. It became that we needed to be seen together. Even our names have been joined to become one - ChristienLavin. It has become our trademark." Celebrities' Secret is actually their first outing together in a show but it's proving to be a synergy that's working very well, says Lavin. "We respect each other's strength.
Christien handles the business side - he knows what he wants and how to get it. I'm more artistic, I go by feel.

When we shoot our programme, I will decide what colour we want to have, what concept we want to portray etc." Christien used to run Konsortium Christien and Lavin want to build an empire based on family Logistik Bhd, a supply chain logistic company. "We owned 17 listed companies.

I mastered international business. I worked in California for Hewlett Packard before being promoted to run certain parts of HP in Asia Pacific, based in Singapore and then I came back here." Work keeps the couple driven and to a certain extent, the component that cements them even closer together.

"We discuss work all the time. Sometimes in the middle of the night we have to handle the director's calls. We make the calls to the celebrities, check the scripts and yes, work gets into dinner table conversations too," admits Lavin.

Christien says: "A lot of people say that if you work together, the relationship will become stale. But for us it has proven otherwise." Their son is also a huge cementing factor. "Despite our hectic schedules, we try and spend as much time as we can with our kid," says Lavin. "We just have to sacrifice our personal time to make time for him. When we come home from work, we do things with him instead of reading the papers or doing our own things. We talk to him, tell stories, sing songs, and on Sundays we go to church together because religion plays an important role in our life." When they are not busy working or spending time with their son, they love to watch films, so much so that Christien has decided that maybe he'd try the silver screen next. "Yep, a film called My Life is in the pipeline and both of us are in it. We'll be working with Yasmin Ahmad." They were supposed to commence shooting last June but with their hectic schedules, things had to be put on the burner for a bit. "We had to focus on the talk show and now TV stations are chasing us for the second season. Then there's our shop opening soon.

"With selling our skin products and our drama due in December... we just don't have enough time in the day!" Going back to their brand, I ask them about the kind of image they want to portray.

"Oh, definitely that of a balanced individual, a balanced couple and a balanced family set up," says Lavin, without hesitation. "That's also one of the things I love about her," says Christien. "The fact that she puts family first. Every king needs a general. We can crack jokes about this domestic affairs minister thing but it's really true because if the domestics are not taken care of, everything will be messed up. Lavin is very supportive when it comes to decisions I make." She adds: "Even if I don't agree, I still support him. If I don't let him try, he'll complain. So I just let him bang his head on the wall and figure it out!" The couple has noble visions for the brand.
"We want to do something for charity - on a big scale," says Lavin.

"Hopefully one day our name will be big enough and we'll be able to help other people, especially orphans." Any other dreams? A short pause and Christien replies tongue-in-cheek: "Yeah, for me to play soccer and her to sing songs!"

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just a thought!!!

1 mother can take care of 5 children but....
5 children may not be able to take care of 1 mother....sad isn't it!!!
Met up with some new Blogging friends...

I am obviously a bit drunk here, ok ok maybe a bit more then a bit hahha! Victor on the left, the middle..... who is that ahhh??? Hmmmm

Altis, hmm why is he standing at the back huh? Well, camera is Altis punya Nokia N70 so the resolution not so good lah....ok ok ...I m damn stone here lah, just woke up from a hangover lah... muka baru bangun.

So You Think You Can Dance?

I cannot believe JOJO is out!!! I wanna protest!!! I voted for her OK!!!

Wah , this guy was like throwing this partner all over lah.

Contestant waiting for the results .... who stays and who says bye bye ... I can imagine how it feels like especially with the music...

It's Mark's birthday today!!! Our Director is 22 year old, beat that huh!!!


I attend events so many events ... when I am not shooting or recording or when I am in Malaysia but I must say this is one of the most happening event!!!

Celebrity Ribbon cutting Ceremony. Ok people please pose before you cut it ok!!!

Don't cut ahhh before pose pleaseeeeeeee!!!

Ok people, please pose again after cutting!!!. Gloria Teng (Miss Malaysia), Emmeline Ng (Miss Malaysia @ 6'2" with heels, Christien New, Lavin Seow, Winnie Loo, Winnie's Husband, Carmen Soo, Amber Chia, Xandra Ooi and Angel Wong. Hmmm why did I stand next to a 6'2" chick huh????

Lavin Seow, Christien New and Winnie Loo

Lavin Seow, Christien New and Angel Wong (HK actress, Yoga Zone spokes person, Home Coming actress....ayah famous lah!!!)

Ok having the privillage to sign first may not be a good thing .... hmmm what shall I write after I put my signature huh? Alamak people all looking, how ahhh? Ok ...."All the best and God Bless from Christien New"...

Ok they want us to pose again.... after I have sign!!! OK lah for the sake of MEDIA.....

Carmen Soo ... the girl that camera loves so much!!!

Some of the many many beautiful ladies ....Celebrities and Models that attend this event.

Hung Shen (Star Search Malaysia and Singapore hero), Lavin Seow, Christien New, James Wong (Global Arts Best Actor)

Lavin Seow, Winnie Loo, Christien New

Winnie Loo, Hung Shen and Key Ng (YES...the designer ... Key Ng himself)

Some of our Chinese Artiste friends!!!

Melvin Lam (Designer), Emmeline Ng (Miss Malaysia) and Christien New

Jacinta Lee (Miss Malaysia), Christien New, Anne Wong (Miss Malaysia, Tourism)


Miss Malaysia World 2007 / 2008

And the winner .. Miss Malaysia World 2007 goes to .... Ms. Deborah Priya Henry. Height at

5' 10" with modelling experience plus a pretty face ....

In fact it's a bit obvious that she'll win, there was simply no rival for her.

Good on yah... Deborah!!!

Lavin Seow and Christien New at the red carpet!!

My buddy Ajai a popular n a damn good singer( use to be called Ajai and Nurul), Christien New

More buddies, super star from Singapore Syed Azmir, Ajai, Lavin and Christien New


My Dear Friends,

I just wanna say thanks for your kind and encouraging comment. Your comment meant a lot to me as I know that the little I do is being recognized.

Please do continue to support my work by continue to read my blog as I will continue to post all my future up coming events such as my latest Movie release date and perhaps to be listed as my personal guest list for the said movie premier, my music album release and many many events that is coming up.

Thank you for your patience and time spend, god bless.

P/S: The "Cheong Sam" Lavin is wearing is a Christien Lavin's Design. :)

Christien New

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Celebrity Appearance at MAYA Hotel - Malay Mail and News Straits Times

Lavin Seow and Christien New walking on the run way of Maya Hotel
HOTEL Maya put on a wedding extravaganza with celebrities walking down the aisle in commemoration of the launch of its wedding CD. Celebrity Jojo Struys, Love perhaps winner Shree Jeiyalachmee and TV Hostess Yasmin Hani each showcased the wedding culture of their respective races. Adding to the excitement was celebrity couple, entrepreneur Christien New and Ex-Miss Malaysia 1997 runner-up Miss Lavin Seow renewing their wedding vows. The wedding dresses were supplied by Melvin Lam and make up by Bobbi Brown.

Lavin Seow and Christien New on the Stage

Shree, Christien New, Lavin Seow, Jojo Struys and Yasmin Hani

Malay Mail and NSTP May 23, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day 8 Off day but....

Fitness First CelebrityWall Climbing Challenge

Off day for me today but that’s just for Jarum Halus.

I had to go for Fitness First Celebrities Rock Climbing Challenge at 9.30am.

I had my first race with Juliana Ibrahim, damn she is fast!!! She was like an expert lah. She’s got her own shoes and the whole works. She climbs like spider man!!! So Hollywood, if you are looking for a women Spiderman next season, you gotta get Juliana….

Fitnest First, Celebrities Challenge: Chermaine Poo, Juliana, Christien New, Lavin Seow

Immediately we had to rush for the next event. It was a wedding event, not for real but just for publicity, where we had to appear as celebrity couple. Also in the event was JoJo Struys, Yasmin Hani and Stree. We had such a great time together. Yasmin Hani was such a character!!! Hanging out with her just makes you feel like 1o years younger. The word for her is “FUN”. No wonder she has been hosting the same program for 8 years. She is such a good entertainer. Jojo of course was naturally entertaining as we all know. Met her parents too, such modest people. Nice.

Very entertaining day indeed…….. I love it!!!

I've to go now for my Day 9 shooting for Jarum Halus....

Christien New

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tell Magazine Event & Mamak with Kenny Sia

Attended Tell Magazine's Launch at Nikko Hotel. Almost all the glam glam people in town were there lah. Above: Zaini Ahmad, Lavin Seow and Christien New. Got to know Zaini when he was one of our Talk Show guest. Trully a nice guy indeed. No air at all. We are in a planning stage to Host a new talk show together.

We left early from the event to rush to see our new "Celebrity Blogger" friend, Mr Kenny Sia himself. I mean we had like the minister and all the the Cream de la Cream people there and we left for Kenny, hmmmm.
Anyway, we lepak at the famous Sri Murni mamak. I thought I could like show him around but it turns out that he comes to KL once a month so guest he has seen it all lah. It's the first time I get to finally meet him. He is a cool guy, nice and humble. Learn a fair bit from him about Blogging, I mean learning from the Guru himself sure is motivating. Wish he could stay and extra day but he's leaving tomorrow after his event. Speaking of event, he is here cause he's invited as a special guest for a New College's Opening. I mean, Kenny is so famous that even College is inviting him for the opening ceremony, what can I say!! Kenny you're damn terror lah. Two thumbs up for Kenny Sia.
P/s Sorry for looking like shit on the pics but it was taken at 3 in the morning and we had a long day.... :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Last Day for Jarum Halus

Left: The main Artist of Jarum Halus and my new dearest freinds.....Rajif and Juliana. As much as they are funny, when it comes to work, they are dead serious. The guy in blue is our soundman.

Right: Fiona and I. She takes care of .....hmmmm what does she do again??? I forgot but I am sure something important ahhaha.....she takes care of 'conti' and taking pics. I call her the "conti girl".....hahah. If you notice some of the pics in this blog is blurrr, then it has to be from her camera lah....hahahha. She spends half the time day dreaming and SMS.... but we all like her. She is UNIQUE!!!

Today is the last day of Shoot. So sad!!! It’s like everybody gets along with each other and just when we are so very comfortable with each other, it’s over. Wish we could like do this for much longer.

I guess that is life. We tend to not appreciate things around us, instead we complain about it….this no good and that no good….but all of a sudden, you lose it….then only you realize how much it means to you. How happy you were….then

"People never know how special someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes its important to leave, so they are given that chance to see how special that someone really is!"

Like when we had to wake up early for shooting or go home late…. We bitch about it …blah blah blah…..

Now we couldn’t even bitch about it, in fact we are hoping that it would be extended…hahhaha.

Right: Mark giving instruction on how to shoot the scene...or was he cracking a joke again!@#@#$%^&*()

"Friendship is like a violin; the music may stop now and then, but the strings will last forever."

I had fun with the whole team;

Crew- Mark (Director), Eleanor (producer), Aaron (DOP), Khai (PM), Colin (acting coach), Fiona (conti), Ben(misc), Lighting, Wardrobe, Make-up, Hair.

Artist: Christien New(Daniel), Rajif Hashim(Iskandar), Juliana Ibrahim(Mona), Megat Shahrizal(Rahim), Farah Putri(Amelia), Dato’ Rahim Razali(Kalel), Yasmin Yusof(News Reader), Helmi(Baharudin), Stephanie Chai(Bianca), Justin Chan(Michael).

Left: Helmi, a popular man of GOD! Got to met and acted with him. The honor is all mine indeed!!!

The ball is now turned to our director; Mark Tan….his job is to now edit it the way he thinks best fits. So the show is now in the hands of Mr. Tan himself. Hahhaha.

We are going to have our outing this Friday and Saturday. Looking forward to that as that is like our departing meeting….arghhhhhh……so sad……

I would also like to take this opportunity to say sorry…minta maaf zahir batin to all that I may have offended lah….. Please forgive me ok. Don’t put it in your heart as I did not mean it… you all yah……

I hope we’ll make a re-union for Jarum Halus’s team. Hopefully the show will do well, then we’ll have a reason to meet. But to think about it, even if we do not win anything, to me, I have won a whole lot…..experience and friendship that I would always cherish. These are the things where money truly cannot buy.

I also want to thank everybody especially Mark and Colin for having patience with me…..hehehhe.

Love you lots,

Christien New

Friday, May 18, 2007

Day 10 - Cry my butt off......

Today is the most crucial day for the entire film. I had so many crying scenes. I cried so much….in one day, I had cried more then my entire life, no kidding hahahaha. We arrive at Mark Grandpa’s house at 1pm but it started to rain so we had to wait till late afternoon. It’s a very intense day for everybody.

This is a pic where I have a bullet hole in my head. Nice huh!!! In this movie there are many flash backs and imaginary scenes, so is this scene my final verdict or is it just another of the many imaginary scenes in this movie? Well, friends, you gotta go watch to find out, ok :)

Dato (the ex ambassador of Malaysia in USA) sat in to watch. So pressure is on but I like pressure, it makes you better. Dato Rahim Razali came in at 9pm for this scene. It was certainly an honor to meet him. A very modest man indeed. Very calm and steady. I actually had the opportunity to act with him. He played as my mentor. The man that I probably only respect in this movie that is. And he fits the role perfectly.

Finally came the ultimate scene. This is the scene where I had to give my ultimate speech. Tell my story, in Malay!!! It was about 3 pages of scripts and had to done in one go. We all know this is the scene where the success of the movie, do or die, the entire movie depended on this scene. So if not delivered properly, the movie is gone with the wind. To everyone’s disbelieve, I did it in one take. YES!!! I am so proud of myself. No mistake, thank you GOD!!!. Mark was like walking around smiling. He kept going, “do you see my face , can you see me smilling? I am so happy…”

Mind me this big scene had to be done while crying you eyes out and even laughing at certain part. As you know, when you cry, you then to forget things, but thanks to Colin and his inspiration ….I did it. I owe this to Colin, for his patience with me….hahahha. So it’s official now, Colin is my hero in acting.

Pic on the left: They told us to do a serious pose..... hahaha

Thank you for your support in my little blog

Christien New

So you think you can Dance!!!

Attended Juliana Ibrahim, "So you think you can dance" show today. I must say, those contestants can really dance lah.... very impressive. Jarum Halus team was there too, Eleanor, Aaron, Ken, Rajif, Lavin and Megat.

Left to Right: Eleanor, Lavin Seow, Juliana Ibrahim and I.

People must be so jealous that we took photo with the Host herself, wait till they find out she is my wife ahhaha, in Jarum Halus the movie lah....heheh
Left to Right: Jarum Halus Artist; Megat, Rajif, Me and Lavin Seow.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


It's not how many times you fall but how you arise from every fall that really matters....

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mark's Buddies.... supporter of Jarum Halus from UK

Woo, go UK Support Team! lol

It is true, Mark has lots of people back here in the UK rooting for him (and the JH crew and cast).

Hopefully some of us can make it out for the premiere. I am hoping I can manage somehow to get out there and see it.

Looking forward to seeing JH!


Left: Mark and Jon, Mark's buddy and a big time supporter from far far away...... :)

To the gang from YOO KAY, thanks for all thou support!!!! You people are awsome!!!! Do leave comments as often as possible so that we know you people are reading this blog

Mark's buddies that are supporting Jarum Halus from UK. Some of them will fly all the way here to attend the premier and we look forward to meeting them soon.

Wish I have such great friends....Hey people, would you like to adopt me pls??? :)

Hey Jon, can you pls provide me all the names of these cool people via the comment box. Thanks.

Christien New

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kenny Sia - Celebrity Blogger

I have been hearing from quite a few people on Kenny Sia and his Blog. From my producer to Nicole Tan to so many people lah. The word some described him to be is “Celebrity Blogger”. I mean Celebrity as in actors/actress or singer, I know lah plenty but Blogger??? Hmmm, that’s something new to me!!! So after all the talk, I decided to go check out Kenny Sia’s Blog. Wow, I was very touch with one of his many write-ups, the letter he wrote to his papa that had passed away 2 years ago.

I mean, I was so touch that I couldn’t help it but to send him an SMS the next day telling him how I felt without expecting any reply. Well not too long after my sms, we replied. He is actually climbing Mount Kinabalu, terror lah this guy, can write some more can climb J Anyway, I was thinking of interviewing him for my next talk show cause I really have never interviewed a “Celebrity Blogger” before and I really think he’s earn that name…. good going Kenny Sia !!!!

Christien New

Friday, May 11, 2007

Appreciating your good old Dad...

When I was 7 years old, I believed that my dad really knows everything.
When I was 15, I started to think that my dad may not know everything.
When I was 21, I think my dad does not understand me and that he does not know anything and that I wish he would just leave me alone.
When I was 30, I realize that my dad is not so dum after all and that he is actually pretty cool to be with.
At 45, I wish my dad would be around cause surely he would understand my all problems and that he would be able to advice me to all my problems. How I wish I could have spend more time with him… I wish he was around by my side…sorry for taking so long to realize this Dad but you are and will always be my HERO!!!!

I am still way before 45 but I am starting to realize how important my dad is to me and he'll always be my hero!!!

Christien New

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Guest Star in a "Fine Dining" Talk Show Today, La Bodega and Atrium

Attended as guest star in a talk show today called "Fine Dining". Our job was really tough. We had to eat, eat and eat and then give comment. I think we all gain quite a few pounds today. They literally stuffed us today with nothing but good food. La Bodega!!!! Yes, La Bodega for lunch, I was just there last week shooting Jarum Halus and now again. Hmmm is that a sign.... Well what ever it is, I love the food there.

Left: Lavin, Bhavani(Sales and Marketing), Melanie (Marketing Manager), Christien New, Fay Khoo.
Melanie was a super PR person. No wonder she is talking care of PR and Marketing for La Bodega. This girl is "Damn Steady" lah.... don't believe, go check it out yourself. I also truly enjoy meeting Fine Dining's host, Fay Khoo. She is so funny. Feel like I have known her for years. She is gonna cook us something interesting next week, can't wait lah.

Right: What the ?!@#. Are we like rolling here? What is Shin doing walking right in front of the camera??? Ohhh not rolling yet ahhh? Then tell lah, make me say all the stuff when the camera is like off, apa lah!!@@## hahaha.

Yes this is just some of the food we were spoild with...jealous right.....Hehehe.

We later had dinner at Atrium at Heritage Row. I had the good old Rib Eye Steak...... God Thank you for all the fine food you had provided me to day. Do you know that food usually taste better when it's free hahhaha. La Bodega and Atrium....Melanie, thank you for your great hospitality....enjoyed every moment of it!!!! Yum Yum

Christien New